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The Venturing Oath

As a Venturer, I promise to do my duty to God and help strengthen America,
to help others, and to seek truth, fairness, and adventure in our world.

June 7, 2009 Meeting Minutes

Tom LaChance and Phil Anderson have swapped jobs. Tom is now the Crew Advisor and Phil has taken over as the Committee Chairman.

Kansas Trip Cancelled: Waunakee High had no takers for the trip this year due to economy. As a result, the Crew will schedule several Saturday day trips around Wisconsin and northern Illinois. See Fossil Hunts below.

Treasurerís Report: $4,971.16. Only current bill will be Burpee Museum Group Membership Renewal for $100.00 and the cost of two fossil hunts. All activities this summer will be free to membership, and the point system re-sets to zero.

Football Game Days: September 5,12,19,26, October 17 and 31 and November 14. Mark your calendars now to earn points for next yearís trips.

Garlic Mustard Harvest in 2009: to fund Mohawk District Venturing activities. Tom pulled 19,260 plants to fund activities for Mohawk Ventuing Roundtable Meetings.

Fossil Hunts Scheduled: Burpee has scheduled hunts for June 20th in South Beloit and July 11 at Trask Bridge Quarry in Northern IL. We need to know who is going. Free trips; you only need to bring a lunch. Possible trip run by the Crew to quarry in Fennimore. Need to set a date and get permission from landowner. Possible trip to Shedd Aquarium or Field Museum and fun at Navy Pier.

Mammoth Dig in South Dakota: Earthwatch is offering to host interested people at a Mammoth dig site in Hot Springs, South Dakota. They are charging $2,950.00 per person for a 15 day experience. We will contact them to see if we can get an enormously discounted rate for camping instead of using a hotel and providing our own meals.

Scouting for Food: 1,234 items gathered. Definitely in the top 15 units in the Council.

Friends of Scouting: Unit goal this year is $350.00. Collection ends June 30, 2009. We are nearly there now, thanks to the Anderson family donation and proceeds from raffle tickets sold by Tom. We will ask each member family to donate something.

Advancement Meeting and Paleo Meeting next year: Points will be awarded for both monthly meetings, parking, Scouting for Food, Scout Sunday and other special events.

Service Projects: Dane County Humane Society and/or Catholic Multi-Cultural Center are possible choices for the membership to consider.

Trailer: The small green trailer will be kept for short trips. A larger trailer, with an 8 foot long, steel bed will be purchased and we will build a box for it. This trailer will be used when there is a possibility that a large fossil or a number of small blocks may need to be brought back for preparation.

Signs and Graphics: I would like to upgrade our parking signage and start to replace some illustrations in existing talks and prepare new illustrations for new talks over the summer.

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